Monday, October 6, 2008

mOm's CoMpAnY AnniVeRsArY dAnCe NuMbEr

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Timing...that's what this is all about

* Quick decision to go home for the weekend coz yeah everyone from my department knows how excited i was to get hold of my new phone and the fact that i will be connected to sun (my globe more =)) the time I got home, mom texted me she's not there coz they were having a general practice for their company's 30th anniversary presentation to be held at the Baguio Convention Center... i thought ah their gonna sing again like the anniversaries i've attended when i was young..
but i was shocked when she told me they're practicing for a dance number WOAH mom's going to dance (a cultural one for a clearer thought)

* Quick decision again...i'll take a day off from work coz the event will fall on a Monday

* I wanna watch her dance and be on stage and clap and cheer and adore her hey she's my mom and I'm her only daughter who else would cheer for her

* I'm not in the office right now while loading these pictures which means... i'm home, enjoyed the show and totally proud of my mom

* the Vacation Leave i filed was worth it!!!!

* and oh i am the stage daughter *proud*

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