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Kim Chiu is My Binondo Girl

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The Primetime Princess is definitely back!!!

My Binondo Girl is so ready to rule over primetime!. This is Exciting!

press con photos

Press Release:

Primetime Princess, Kim Chiu makes a comeback on television. She will give life Jade, a girl who, despite growing up with a loving mother, Zheny (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) and a loving grandmother, Amor (Gina Pareño), still yearns for the love and approval of her Chines father, Chen Sy (Richard Yap).

She will stop at nothing to win her father's heart, even if it means changing her identity as Jade to pretend to be a man under the guise of "Yuan."

Jolo Revilla, Xian Lim, and Matteo Gudecelli are the promising actors, who will make a primetime comeback with Kim Chiu on My Binondo Girl.

They will give life to the following characters, Onyx (Jolo Revilla), Jade's childhood friend and best friend, Andy Wu (Xian Lim), Yuan's rival in managing ChenJean, and Trevow Wu (Matteo Gudecelli), the second son of Edison Wu (Ricardo Cepeda) who is always being compared to his brother, Andy

My Binondo Girl will also feature some of the most renowned artists of this country such as Cherry Pie Picache who will give life to Jean Sy, Zheny's former best friend who is now Chen Sy's legal wife, Laureen Uy as Amethyst Sy, daughter of Jean and Chen Sy who is also seeking her father's affection, and Glydel Mercado as Ningning Wu, Zheny and Jean's friend who is married to Chines businessman, Edison Wu.

Under the direction of Malou Sevilla, My Binondo Girl is primetime's newest drama-comedy series, airing this August, which will surely make you laugh and cry.

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