Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eBay philippines plus kuponan a sure win deal!

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Deal sites are very much appreciated nowadays, I must admit I am one of the many who check through them every so often to see if there's something interesting or if there's anything that I need which I could possibly get for a lower price. Yes I am an online shopper, I still remembered a few years back when I registered my first ever online shopping account with eBay.ph I was then super excited and had my purchases delivered in our office, the guard on duty got used to it that he would always tease me "ma'am may package galing abroad ka nanaman". I also thought of selling online but later on figured out I am more of a shopper.

It's been a while since I used my account with eBay.ph because I am currently hooked up with several deal sites, but for whatever reason i decided to check, and there I noticed this new offering kuponan wow! i quickly breezed through it and was surprised on how it works yes it's their deal site too but if you'll notice they have a Pay Now column, which means you just get to pay that amount first and then pay the balance when you get to actually purchase the product or service, that to me is a very good deal. Yay! for kuponan

So if I were to purchase now I would probably get the Enormous Lash Serum from Beauty and Butter Spa since I have super short eye lashes this is the perfect one for me and imagine having to just pay a percentage of the whole price first, could buy me ample time to save up for the rest and then avail of the service, very very practical, now I could say i am totally back with eBay.ph. 

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