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Marie Digby | Your Love

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Her name was once the talk of men in my workplace, she's pretty, cute nice voice, hot are but a few of the descriptions they had for her, and I didn't bother or maybe I wasn't that interested. They battle on how to properly say her name I was quiet. And the day came that she was one of the few who is given the chance to have an album launch. May i present the name I wasn't even interested in and now proud to correctly state it as Ms. Marie Digby (Mari-ei).

I was given the chance well was kinda caught off guard to ask any question for her on the said press launch for her album and my golly I was searching through my brains on what I could possibly ask her. And so my showbiz-ee mind just got the perfect question. (Forgive me but it was my first time to do this kind of question and answer thing)

here goes...
ccc: Hi Marie
MD: Hello
ccc: ok my question will be a showbiz type of question (grin)
MD: alright
ccc: are you and Sam (Milby) together?
MD: aaaw I'm sorry but we are not (smiling)
ccc: aaaw really? oh well cause you really look good together
MD: oh that's sweet but really we are not we're just good friends
ccc: oh well alright then at least it came directly from you
MD: don't worry  I get those all the time (giggles)
ccc: ok that's my question thank you so much
MD: you're welcome (full smile)

It was short, for some it makes no sense, but hey give me more time I might improve lol! but seriously i hope it's my last - that was nerve racking - maybe if I have time to prepare questions I might agree on doing it sometime but again i might :-p

So after the question and answer she then began to strum her guitar and did her thing
There I was truly amazed she sang so beautifully and her songs were amazing.
And why wouldn't we be amazed - She is a YouTube phenomenon who has garnered close to 20 million views to date for her homemade video of her acoustic cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" in 2007. In 2009, she released her debut album "Unfold" which broke into the billboard charts at #29 on it's first week and spawned the hit single "Say It Again". Songs from the album have been used in top US shows like ER, The Hills, Greek, Smallville and One Tree Hill. She followed it up with her sophomore release "Breathing under Water"

Now, Marie Digby has a new album entitled "Your Love", released by Star Records and MCA Music. Marie made this album especially for her Filipino fans.

"Since I made my YouTube video and recorded my albums, my fans in the Philippines have been asking me to come visit. This album is my gift to them for all their support," Marie said.

"Your Love" is available now in CD's and digital downloads under Star Records and MCA Music and will also be released soon in Asia. The songs can also be downloaded online via

So now when people talk about who Marie Digby is, for sure I will now be in that crowd :-p

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