Thursday, December 29, 2011

3M Project

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If there is such a term as organized clutter well that's how I would call my own. I find it easy for me to look for my things under piles of well, trashie looking stuff lol! when I get the time to clean and organize that's when I can't locate whatever I was looking for and it makes me go insane and once again mess up everything. But when I went through the 3M products I realized maybe I still have a chance to really stick to organizing my things, they have lots of products especially designed for me I think haha. My favorite? Post It's I never thought that these cuties were really a brand name and having called them as such really means that they have captured their market. These products are under one big umbrella the 3M Company and I never realized scotch tapes and scotch brites was part of their amazing products so what now is my 3M project?

I want for 2012 to have my office workstation organized using 3M products, they have a wide range of office supplies that you can use and at the same time maybe a cute table display because of their fun colors here's a picture of my desk and come 2012 I will be posting the new look

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