Friday, February 17, 2012

Samsung Tab Lab

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Samsung once again proved that tey have all the Tablet PC's that would suit your lifestyle. Samsung Tablets were up for grabs at the Eastwood Mall open parking lot, tech people, fashionistas, families and oh let's just say everyone in different walks of liife were there to actually check out the Tabs.

What's great about Samsung Tablets is that they have it in different sizes that could actually fit into anyone's preference an that for me is a big yay!

Also booths were set to actually let people test and try out the Samsung Tablets, representatives were also available for any questions that consumers would like to know so they could choose the beat Samsung Tablet for their special lifestyles.

Up on stage during the program proper games were also set ala pinoy hento and later during the night there's like a mini concert with famous bands to cap off the event.

It was as usual a very successful event for Samsung their first for this year is a blast and will surely look forward to more. Hurrah! Samsung Tabs

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