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The Healing | Vilma Santos

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A Bloggers Conference was held for the movie "The Healing" attended by no other than the Philippines Star for All Season Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto also with her is Direct Chito S. Rono and Writer Roy Iglesias. The movie is a first for Gov. Vilma in terms of Horror-Suspense set-up, she admits that Direct Chito had a bit of a hard time directing her on how to act as scared for some scenes since of course drama was her forte. Direct also mentioned that this movie was tailor made really for Gov. Vilma since she wanted her 50th anniversary offering to be a different one.

I myself is not really a fan of horror-suspense movies, but this time i might consider and make sure to be with friends, that is my condition lol! Also the cast of the film is super excited since they were given Grade A by the Cinema Evaluation Board plus a first in Philippine cinema to have two kinds of ratings from MTRCB. R13 for the younger generations or if parents would like to bring their families with them and R18 for adults who will be experiencing the directors cut.

I've been attending press con and bloggers con and i can say this is the most memorable so far, mainly because it is ate vi, the woman loved by millions of who they call themselves vilmanians, now i understand why, she is so real and very humble and has a good sense of humor too. The experience was overwhelming and again yes I will watch this film on R18 and conquer my fear, the movie trailer itself gives me goosebumps everytime it's shown.

I guess this is a movie worth our money, with a great script, a very good director, an all star cast and of course the one and only Star for all seasons Ms. Vilma Santos.

The Healing Now Showing!

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