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X-Factor Philippines Grand Finals Night

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Since I am not sleepy yet, and my energy is still on a high from the recently concluded X-Factor Grand Finals Night, allow me to share how the night went during this Big event.

The X-Factor Philippines Grand Finals Night was a blast. The show opened with Ms. Lanie Misalucha singing with the grand finalists Daddy's Home, Gab Maturan and KZ Tandingan, Ms. Lanie is back and for sure we'll get to see her more often in the next few days, hmm i hope she'll have a mini concert where we can get to be invited because i super adore her singing prowess.

First in line for their final performance is from Mr. Gary Valenciano's team, Daddy's Home singing an inspirational song entitled "Gaya ng Dati" this was their personal pick since they haven't sung anything like this before and surely it was the perfect one for them. I got goosebumps all over while listening and feeling their rendetion. Good job Daddy's Home. Vote for them XF DAD

Next up is from Mr. Martin Nieveras team. Gab Maturan, the young man who, Judge Pelita describes as the dark horse of the competition. Gab has never been included in the bottom two and has constantly been questioned if he deserves to be on the top 3. Well tonight, he stole the stage, the show and the hearts of the people. Gab performed "I Believe" and instantly people believed in him. To Vote XF GAB

Last but not the least is KZ Tandingan the only lady left standing. Her voice conquered everyone with the song "Superstar" Indeed, her voice is one of a kind and honestly her height, makes me want to question where is her voice coming from? To Vote XF KZ

Ms. Vina Morales was one of the special guests for the night and may I just say, from her production number, it seems she hasn't aged a bit and she is still the Vina Morales in terms of her energy and performance level. Way to go! Super Hot!

And when everyone thought that the night is over, just wait, there's more. Daddy's Home performed "Through the Fire" with no less than the Soul Siren Nina. Superb! Then KZ's time with the legend Mr. Rico J Puno singing "Memories" it was oh so heart warming. Finally Gab with oh my gosh! Bamboo, they had ladies screaming their hearts out with "Man that can't be moved" It was certainly one Big Finale for the X-Factor Philippines.

Tonight your votes will decide who will be The First X-Factor Philippines Champion


The announcement:

Third Place goes to:
Daddy's Home

Second Place:
Gab Maturan

and the first X-Factor Philippines Grand Champion is no other than...


Congratulations to everyone! X-Factor Philipines Staff and Crew Kudos to you all!

Watch out for the X-Factor Xtended special on Saturday October 13, 2012 for some inside stories of your fave finalists.

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