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ChaLife Milk Tea Powdered Drink Mix | Relax...Refresh

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Milk tea is a drink I never thought I’d love. I tried one a few years back, introduced by a fast food restaurant and my firs tattempt…failed, I didn’t like the taste. Now, milk tea shops are in every corner so again I tried one and another and every time there’s a new outlet, I indulge. In short, I begin to fall in love with milk tea, any brand just as long as it’s the plain milk tea or with pearls, that would make my comfort drink. The thing is even though I love it, I can’t just go splurging on milk teas every so often, yes it is a bit pricey, it can’t be an everyday drink for me or as my budget says.

So here’s a product introduced in the market ChaLife Milk Tea powdered drink mix. In the box it says “Free yourself from everyday stress with ChaLife Milk Tea. Take time to sit down, relax and be refreshed with its smooth and aromatic blend of milk tea flavors. Whether you enjoy it hot with a good book at home or drink it cold during break time. ChaLife Milk Tea will surely comfort your mind and body.” This product was introduced to us in an event that took place at Nail It Spa at the Rockwell Business Center Building.Yes a relaxing afternoon with ChaLife Milk Tea. Prepare it hot to relax and cold to refresh, indeed for someone like me who already tried several milk teas, I think this one could be my comfort Milk tea at home less the pearls and I want it cold. ChaLife can be enjoyed at home or can be easily taken with you                                                                                         wherever you go since it is packed in a single-served, stick-type sachet.

ChaLife Milk Tea is now available in super markets andconvenient stores.

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