Sunday, March 17, 2013

Must Be Love watch it!

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The story of this movie came as a surprise for everyone. At first, people thought that this was just another teeny tweetums film just so plain. Well not for me, this film has a deep story, yes it tackles about love but it is love in all aspects. The twist and turns would make you laugh, cry, giggle and in the end you'll go home feeling good.

The teens of this generation will truly appreciate this film, they surely will get along with the language used and probably relate with certain situations, but what really struck me the most is how this film introduces different family setting, it brought out a very good lesson that however your family is composed of, you can still be a happy family, what's important is the good relationship within a home.

Both Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla gave justice to their role, I think this is one of the few local movies that I found myself enjoying every scene because I didn't feel that they were acting, it was so natural, It's as if they are not acting at all. The cast of characters had their moments, they all shared the limelight that in the end you'll just love them.

Yes, Must Be...Love may not be your generation, but hey we've been there before, we could take a break from all the noise outside and as they say "seat back, relax, and enjoy."

My tip, watch this movie or any film for that matter because you want to, don't stress yourself out. Feel the love, feel young and enjoy it with your family.

Must Be...Love Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide!

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