Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Axe Apollo Philippine Team Flies to Space Camp in Florida, USA

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The three-man team of Evan Ray Datuin, Chino Roque, and Ramil Santos flew to Orlando, Florida in the United States to undergo a five-day rigorous training at the AXE Apollo Space Academy Space Camp at the Kennedy Space Center. The trio will train like astronauts and compete for the ultimate prize – a trip to space, and the opportunity to become the first Filipino astronaut.

Through months of mental and physical preparation, the AXE Apollo Team Philippines members are primed and more than ready to face three daunting tasks courtesy of LYNX Space Academy® training missions that await them at the Kennedy Space Center.

First, they will have to deal with zero gravity via an epic flight that will simulate the feeling of complete weightlessness. Second, they will embark on high-speed aerobatic maneuvers onboard a SIAI Marchetti SF260 to test their iron will and bravery in the face of death-defying aerial wizardry. Lastly, they will experience the ruthless ravages of G Force through the G Force Simulator, a machine that knows no mercy or remorse.

At the end of the LYNX Space Academy® training week, 22 men and women, including the country’s first astronaut, will be selected by an elite panel of judges to go to space onboard a Space Expedition Corporation (Space XC) shuttle.

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