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Bride For Rent | 280M and a Victory Party

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For film outfits, a Victory Party means a successful movie and 280M means Box Office Hit and that goes out to "Bride For Rent".

The cast, crew and big bosses held a victory party specifically for the movie Bride For Rent which up until now people are still watching and still running on its third week plus International screenings were already announced for Australia, Canada and USA.

During their thank you speech, Kim got teary-eyed thanking everyone for the success, she especially dedicated her thank you to her mom in heaven, she said she knows that her mom has been guiding her even before on their first movie which is "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo."

Before this event day, there was a commotion online from the KimXI fans and it reached actually in some parts of the world wherein they also have fans. A soon to be TV teleserye is coming where Kim will be a part of it but this time it is no longer with Xian, the casts include Jake Cuenca, Coco Martin and Julia Montes. So imagine the rage of their fans that after a successful movie why would their team up be broken. Netizens and supporters stated their disbelief and anger on this said announcement that was their initial reaction but eventually they calmed down and expressed their full support and love for Kim.

But today during the victory party, it was announced that the management is already cooking up another movie for both Kim Chiu and Xian Lim, so see, it is true that when a door closes, a window will definitely open. Oh happy night for KimXi fans!

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