Friday, September 19, 2014

KathNiels React | Was it really Daniel?

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Twitter world once again exploded with Trending topics pertaining to this generation's teen queen and king Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo also known as KathNiel. A video which seemed being recorded in the dark so it kinda meant as an audio recording blasted online. Some said it was really Daniel and others are still not believing. The audio video that went out contains voices of Daniel and some friends (as per the description) maybe hanging out and sharing some guy-thing-like stories. They were seemingly talking about a guy who is smelly and a girl crush of Daniel.

Of course we all know how solid the supporters of KathNiel's are so as expected trending mostly on twitter were about them. And of course Mommy Karla Estrada felt the same too!  Some are mad to whoever leaked the video but on the other hand my question is who recorded the video? Was he a friend? What's his purpose?

Video Link Here

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