Friday, July 24, 2015

Chef Boy Logro Celebrates 59th Birthday!

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Chef Boy Logro our Idol Sa Kusina man celebrates his 59th Birthday. A very humble man presents himself in a very cheerful manner to celebrate his day. The celebration took place in his culinary school located in Cavite, put up through his hard work and very good skills in handling his earnings. To commemorate this special day, a special cook-off challenge was one of the major activities. Students from Cavite State University were the contenders in creating their very own version of different desserts; it was all pressure to impress their judges headed by no other than Chef Boy himself. Prize at stake was a full scholarship grant from Chef Boy’s culinary school and some amazing products from sponsors for all the contenders.

Chef Boy was also serenaded by his family and close relatives and how cute his grandkids being so comfortable with their Lolo as they continue to play around him while the program continues. When all the party mood came to a more relaxed environment, we got to do some chitchat with Chef Boy. Hearing his story on how he survived the very challenging life they had back in the days made me respect him more. His humble beginnings how he managed to be brave and conquered the kitchen and until now continues to learn more and at the same time share more of his blessings not just with families but also his students. Of course growing old is part of his plans and he wanted to retire in his farm, yes he already has a farm in Davao and excitedly says how he loves the environment there and would want to grow old with his wife just relaxing and do some farming.

Chef Boy has a lot of stories to tell and an hour would not fit, but a few of what he shared made me inspired to go further and achieve more in life. Watch him do his kitchen moves on Idol Sa Kusina every Sunday 7:15 pm at GMA News TV Channel 11.

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