Friday, October 30, 2015

Bea Binene at 18 is now #LegallyB

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Bea Binene turns 18. I was invited for a mini conference presenting her to the media as soon to be adult. Bea is very much excited for her upcoming debut, she said she is a bit stressed about her weight because she thinks she is not thin enough, but personally I think she's fine, and she looked blooming. She will be having a total of 150 guests composed of both showbiz and non-showbiz friends. she says its gonna be a reunion of sort for her long time batch mates in the business.

Bea is also included on the show "Good News" from GMA News TV channel 11 in which my husband loves to watch her. With her busy schedule, she still manages to do her job but right now she can't no longer join the crew in visiting famous spots and food trips so most of the time she is doing Voice Overs. 

Oh, who would've thought this little cutie pie is now entering the adulthood. Asked what possible changes could she be doing now that she's turning 18? Bea says, she wanted to learn how to drive and possibly be allowed to drive on her own and also to sleep in her own room. simple things that would make her adulthood a little different than the usual. But what I liked most about her is that, she knows her limitations, she knows that entering this new chapter in her life doesn't give her all the freedom most teens would want; a very well said statement. Let's all wait for the unveiling of this beauty inside and out lady as she soon will be an adult.

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