Thursday, June 9, 2016

FreshOnline.Ph Seafood and Good Food Together

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As a mom and a homemaker, I enjoy cooking for my family, especially now that our baby boy is turning one and into trying regular food, I want him to eat healthy and to not be picky. He loves to eat and try different dishes because we let him taste everytime we eat. Surprisingly he loves seafood especially fish and shrimp but we are not near any market and I am not sure of the quality from that of the supermarkets and groceries that is why we seldom have seafood dishes at home, there is a "talipapa" near us but since it opens in the afternoon, again I am not sure of its quality.

And here comes FreshOnline.Ph, when I first heard about it, I honestly thought that this is another mobile app for foodies who do reviews on food and restaurants in the metro, of course who would've thought that freshly sealed seafood can be available for delivery right? Aaaah  seafood wherever, whenever you crave for it, it is also hard to get up in the morning and do market errands just to get the fresh catch right? So say hello to FreshOnline.Ph, yes you can now go ahead and check their website because it is now up and ready to take your orders. Imagine a special occasion wherein you just want a seafood party, FreshOnline.Ph is ready for your different kinds of shrimp like tiger prawns oooh yummy, squid, lapu-lapu etc. And for those who thinks ordering this from a restaurant is so expensive, hey they have lobsters ooh and they have a lot of variety.

So are you craving now? Because I am!!! So let's put this writing to an end and so you can stop reading too and let's all head on to FreshOnline.Ph website and start choosing and preparing a healthy meal for the family or just to satisfy your cravings.

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