Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jollibee Welcomes Xia as the New Jolly Spaghetti Endorser

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I was invited to attend another Jollibee event and of course the instant answer is yes especially when I can bring along my little boy. I am personally excited to meet the newest Jollibee family member Xia Vigor, yes the cute little lady doing the “sweet, sarap” dance jingle on Jollibee’s new ad and one of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids edition contender, she was super cute on that show. 

And Jollibee management was right in choosing Xia, she is so loveable in person, very candid and witty and of course very pretty. Xia shares that she was excited upon learning of the new endorsement she will be doing and quips that even before; she really loved Jolly Spaghetti every time they go out and eat. Jollibee truly catches the heart of kids, and I believe even the adults alike, our generation practically grew up having Jollibee around.

And now they focused on reminding us how Jollibee has that sweet, sarap taste which made us love it more. Now meatier and tastier, my little boy enjoys it too; he knows Jollibee at 1 year old but is afraid of the mascot lol! But every time we pass by a Jollibee store he really wants to go near and touch the Jollibee mannequin’s cheek. Jollibee is really the go to place of families especially during the weekends, after church, or for family bonding and even for little occasions such as good grades, rewards for helping out in the household chores or just being a good kid. Jollibee has been a part of Filipinos lives and will continue on for the next generation. I am a proud Jollibee kid.

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