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GRAYNS: The Revolutionary Rice Cooker that Reduces Starch

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I recently attended an event of a very interesting product; the Grayns Rice Cooker. I first asked how much it is offered and shocked about how it is priced. But during the media program, I started to understand why. There were demo units at the area and we were made to taste the rice cooked from this rice cooker. As a type 2 diabetic, this is perfect for me and my mom because it can cut down our starch intake. I also asked if it is easy to clean, it has more pieces than our regular rice cookers at home, but I think it is manageable and also easy to clean as well. I will probably recommend this to my mom and then will just borrow from her lol! Seriously it is expensive because it works and it is the first of its kind. Read more 

American Technogies, Inc. unveiled a revolutionary rice cooker that is the first of its kind—Grayns. The revolutionary rice cooker reduces starch out of rice, thereby lowering calorie content and glycemic load per serving. The media launch was attended by members of the press and online bloggers. Dubbed as the only healthy rice cooker in the world, Grayns’ patented technology allows cooking rice scientifically the way it’s meant to be cooked. Undergoing a 4-stage cooking process called RevoCook, the rice is first gelatinized through thermosense—the setting of the right temperature to rid the rice of excess starch.

The debonding stage follows, where the gelatinous temperature is intuitively held until most of the excess starch is removed from the rice. The next phase transudes and drains the dissolved starch from the colander, seeping down to the starch collection tray at the bottom of the cooker. Finally, rice is demoisturized to make it fluffy, healthy, and delicious.

As a brand ambassador of the product, Kevin Co, CEO of Grayns Philippines, has been advocating a healthy lifestyle since he brought the revolutionary rice cooker to the Philippines. Co is proud to say that Grayns rice cooker is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. “This is the rice cooker for those with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from obesity and want to lose weight,” Co says. Grayns comes at a steep price but the health and other benefits are enough to commensurate for it. It removes unhealthy excess starch from rice and effectively lowers glycemic and caloric load in rice. It’s very user-friendly, multi-functional as it can cook pasta, potatoes, noodles and other starch sources even rice recipes. It has a memory function that lets you personalize the rice setting you want based on softness and moisture level. The body is heavy-duty and aesthetically designed, with interiors made of 100% stainless steel.

The media launch held at Shangri-La’s Mactan function room also featured Joseph Pagulayan, a fitness guru who explained the need for a healthy lifestyle and how Grayns rice cooker can help you achieve it. He cautioned that a sedentary lifestyle leads to many health problems and encouraged everyone to be active. Both Co and Pagulayan answered questions from the media. Grayns healthy rice cooker is now available at Abenson and Rustans for P27,000.

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