Monday, January 15, 2018

Ms Sylvia Sanchez Promises to Make Us Cry on Mama's Girl Movie

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It is a refreshing take to have a blogcon with Ms Sylvia Sanchez in the panel. Ms Sylvia was very passionate about the movie because she is also a mom and a very supportive one same as her role as Mama Mina in the movie. The trailer seems to all about crying and the struggles of a mother-daughter relationship but there is an absolute twist to it and that is why we have to watch.

This is not just a mother with a millenial child kind of story. It actually tackles problems and situations in general. That is why I am so excited to watch it on January 17. Take your mom out to go see the movie and as Ms Sylvia said, there are many realizations in this film plus it is impossible to not cry so bring a lot of tissue.

See you at the cinemas.

By the way, I love the writer and director of this film, very passionate in sharing and answering our questions. Karen Reyes carried a ton of good vibes, Diego Loyzaga is just chill while Heaven Peralejo is not just a pretty face. All good.

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