Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Mom in Ms Sylvia Sanchez

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A few days ago we had the chance to have a night of chikahan with Ms Sylvia Sanchez. If you've seen my IG photo and caption about her, yes it is true I am afraid of her. She is one of the very few "kontrabidas" that I admire but at the same time afraid to interview. Maybe because they did their characters so well that sometimes I felt that's them in real life.

But I was wrong of course. Ms Sylvia is very accomodating and a cool mom based on her stories. She maybe a chill mom but made sure that her children knows her stand in different situations they might end up doing.

So what does she do everytime everyone's home? She cooks for the family, their favorite Nachos, pasta and whatever the kids would request. And because she loves to cook, we asked if ever she would like to have an online cooking show? Her answer is "no" and said she is not confident enough to do that and rather just cook for the family. But, she does bring food at the set of Hanggang Saan the afternoon teleserye she is in with her handsome and talented son Arjo Atayde.

And by the way, we might get to try some of her dishes soon. Will put that up next on my youtube channel. www.youtube.com/misisnikolepm

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