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Here's to another blessing, comedy queen Aiai Delas Alas is the newest endorser and franchisee of the well known SIOMAI KING. Ms Aiai has once again ventured out into another food business which is a siomai kiosk. Yep, the famous SIOMAI KING that is well loved by many and has 800 branches nationwide will be endorsed by Ms Aiai and we will be expecting ads and standees in the coming months.

Ms Aiai is also excited to open her very own branch which will be in Puregold Paso De Blas. SIOMAI KING has a lot of flavours to offer: Hong Kong Siomai, Shanghai Siomai, Japanese Siomai and Chicken Siomai. We were given the chance to taste all of these flavours and my favorite was Hong KOng Siomai because of the garlic flavour (I love garlic).

For sure this business and endorsement venture of Ms Aiai will be a success. Siomai King is open for Franchise and offers an all-in-package, just leave a comment below if interested, I might be able to help.

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