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SLEEP is as important as work or waking up and even other activities that we do everyday. Most of us take it lightly to have a very restful one every single day. I had my share of sleepless nights, I self-declared to have insomnia and would usually sleep at around 3 to 4am. I thought maybe I wasn't too tired or whenever I feel like sleepy at 8pm, things to do just pops up my mind and my sleepiness leaves me. Yes, that was my sleep routine (not a good one I know) for the past how many years or so.

I was excited to know more about MR. Big Pillows when I was invited to its launch at SMX Convention Center. During the presentation, I learned that pillows should also be appropriate for our body type and weight which means my pillow can't be the same as my husbands' and my sons'. And not having the correct pillow can also be the cause of not having a good night sleep. Mr. Big Pillows is new here in the Philippines and is currently displayed at SM MAll of Asia, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall and SM Makati.
If you happen to be near these malls, please kindly check them out because it is really something that we should be educated about. (More of the information HERE)

Why am I encouraging you to check it out at SM Dept Stores? I had the privilege to take home a Junior Size for my 4 year old, It was pricey I am telling you but now that we've tried, I must say it is so worthy of the long term effects. The launch happened about a month ago and I am just writing this one now because I really wanted to see if it really does what it claims to be. My son loves the pillow, he has a baby pillow that he doesn't want to let go, we already bought him several others that we think suits his age. We got one with his favourite color, favourite cartoon character, even different shapes, you name it we have a bed full of pillows and maybe costs just the same as a MR. BIG Junior Pillow when combined.

The MR. BIG Pillow for a month now, has been doing it's wonders, my son sleeps well and does not get up in the wee hours of the morning just to change pillows or position. Okay here's the thing, I tried his pillow one time, I know I am not supposed to but I really wanted to feel and try it. I had one of the best sleep ever, straight one, when I woke up my husband even scolded me for using the Junior Pillow lol! So now, I am slowly saving up for the actual pillow that suits me and the hubby so we can let go of the many pillows that we have in bed. Don't take my word for it, try to visit and just try the pillows that they offer.

AKEMI their sister company which holds very good quality of bedsheets are also available in SM Department Stores, check out the information HERE. Haven't tried the bedsheet yet because the gift that they gave was of a different size. But by the looks and feel of it, it will definitely look elegant and classy in any bedroom because of their very neutral and nature inspired shades that they offer.

If you happen to drop by any of their shops, let me know your thoughts on the comment section down below.

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