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I have a friend who always travels to different provinces for work and who is still able to take care of her family and manage her household well. I’ve wondered if she was some kind of a mutant or superhero because I, on the other hand, only have myself to take care of but everything is still a mess half the time.

She let me in on a little secret when I finally asked her one day: She has this trusty mobile wallet app that lets her do things pronto whenever, wherever she is. GCash has been her sidekick for quite a while, allowing her to do the things she needs to do even if she is far from home like paying all the utility bills on time, buying load for her children and sending them their school allowances on time.

Curious about this digital wallet, I finally downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago. Every year, I go home to the province on All Saints Day to pay respects to my deceased grandparents, and I needed something to help me ensure that even if I am away, I can attend to any urgent financial needs back in Manila.

When I finally had time to study the mobile wallet app, I discovered that sending money from one GCash account to another is the easiest among the app’s innovative features. You just need to enter the mobile number of the recipient and the amount you want to send. This is the most useful feature for me because I frequently do bank transfers—an errand I don’t look forward to at all—and with GCash having nearly 40 partner banks, I can finally do it from a mobile app.

With just a few taps on the phone, the money is transferred real-time at the speed of a text message. It’s perfect for people always on the move—no need to go to the bank and endure the long lines there just to do a single transaction. No wonder my friend manages just fine despite her busy schedule at work.

She told me that she required all her kids to have the GCash app installed in their phones so that she can easily send their school allowances while she was away. And if they needed physical cash, they can conveniently cash out the money at partner outlets, which are easy to spot.

Among GCash’s thousands of partner outlets include Puregold, Palawan Express, Tambunting, Villarica and RD pawnshops, Bayad Center and SM Business Center.

Now that I’ve also GCash on my phone, I can get on that bus this Friday and take some time off to remember the dear ones who have passed without worrying about bank errands. Who knows, maybe I can finally put some order in my daily life as well (particularly making bank transfers and paying the bills on time) even when I’m on the go.

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