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Last November 27th I attended the launch of DG Goat Milk Beverage. It was an event I was looking forward to ever since they sent the invitation because the product is very interesting and it is my first time to know about Goat's milk can be turned into a beverage for kids.

The Product:
DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids (for 3 years old and above) is the Philippines’ first and only Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk! Produced and imported from the Dairy Goat Co-operative in Hamilton, New Zealand, DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids offers powdered goat milk of the highest quality.

Our Goat Milk is made responsibly. The process of converting pure goat milk into a safe, exceptional powdered milk beverage is a gentle, and minimal one; our minimal processing results in a product closer to its natural source! Furthermore, we choose only the healthiest Saanen goats from New Zealand to ensure having milk of the highest quality.

DG Goat Milk Benefits:
1. Naturally More Complete
Goats produce their milk through Apocrine Secretion, where milk fat and bioactive components in mammary secretory cells are enveloped by cell membranes as they are secreted. As a result, milk produced by goats have naturally occurring bioactive components such as:
 Polyamines for intestinal cell growth and digestive capacity development
 Nucleotides for gastrointestinal health, maturation, and recovery
 Free Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid for immunity and gut energy
 Taurine for bile salt formation (necessary for fat digestion), brain and retina development
 Growth Factors such as IGF1 and TGF Beta for immunity and growth development
Extensive and complicated fortification for these nutrients are no longer necessary!

2. Easier to Digest
Casein, the solid part of the milk protein produces curds in our stomach. Compared to milk sourced from other animals, DG produces a very loose curd structure with a high proportion of water that is easily broken apart, thus facilitating easier digestion of milk proteins.

3. Less Allergenic
β-Lactoglobulin is the whey protein that stimulates milk protein allergies. Compared with milk from other animals, DG has lowest levels of β-Lactoglobulin; thus making it less allergenic for us! Dairy Goat is undoubtedly the premium goat milk brand perfect for your child!

4. With more CPP!
Casein Posphopeptides (CPP) binds more binds minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Thereby, increasing the solubility and absorption of these minerals. This component is higher in DG, which can help your children grow healthy and strong!

With all these facts that were presented to us, I told myself this is worth a try. We are now currently finishing what is left of my son's milk and would give him the DG Goat Milk Beverage to try. I will update this blog on the taste, texture and my little one's reaction once we let him. Hoping that he will be able to like it because the benefits are awesome. Till next update. 

Event photos: Chubbychitchat Blogs

DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids is recommended for ages 3 and above, currently it is being sold at the following online app stores and link:

You may also follow their social media accounts:

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