Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Weekends with Wow! Fiesta

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For the past 6 months or so, we have been trying to create a fun weekend for our family, the Pandemic has caused us and everyone to adjust our situations and plans, to work around on what we can and adapting to the new normal. Our weekend pre-pandemic would usually be going to church, strolling at the mall and playing on parks. All gone in an instant because of the outbreak, neveretheless we are thankful that we are safe, healthy, able to survive everyday and we get to keep our jobs working from home.

Staying at home made us discover and thibk of activities our family can do during the weekends. We love music and entertainment. While movies and Youtube helps, we still still feel that we can do more.

So here comes Wow! Fiesta Melody, this is the first time our little boy held a Microphone and experienced our favorite sport, "videoke/karaoke" lol! My husband who hates singing in public and in Karaoke parties now has been singing and browsing through the song book. I am amazed that one of the things I love is now a favorite activity of our family during the weekend.

The Wow! Fiesta is a complete package, it includes a Free Microphone, has unli-song expansion, thousands of built-in songs, in full HD, Multimedia and Car friendly. It is packed all in one and ready to go wherever and whenever you want to use it. 

This is a great bonding activity for the whole family, staying at home with some snacks and singing our hearts desire. 

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