Monday, September 1, 2008

HoLiDaY wOoHoO!!!

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Finally we get to have a holiday... it's been a while since I went home so we decided (j & i) to visit Baguio and be with our families... I planned to surprise my mom by not telling her we were on our way home... To my surprise waaah walang tao sa bahay at naka padlock as in so I was stressed out at ako ang na surprise diba so kelangan sirain ang surprise effect I decided to call my mom because I was worried na umalis sila pumunta sa malayo it's a Sunday and my mom sometimes would decide overnight na biglang magsimba sa Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. 
Pero thankful ako ever nasa St. Joseph lang sila malapit lang ahahahah.


>> pictures <<
* the padlock drama
* ayan ilabas na hidden talent...yes ako nag cut ng hair ng tita ko sya yung youngest sis nila mama na na stroke ayaw nya magpagupit sa iba sakin lang ... well disclaimer ndi ako talaga professional pinag prapractisan ko lang si tita eh nagugustuhan naman nya hahahaha... =)


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