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most of my friends know that i am very particular with my hair... my bangs is my usual problem it curls up and looks so stiff. my solution is michelle; meet michelle she is the hairdresser in a mini parlor or hair salon on our street, he is gay but is prim and proper. i remembered the first time i have him take over my hair it was perfect he now knows what i like and he can make my bangs go straight without damaging it or the rest of my hair for a very cheap price... 

yesterday i decided to visit and have my usual hair spa plus the treatment for my bangs, as i approached the salon it was open the the main door gate was padlocked and i know for sure he just maybe went out to have dinner so i grabbed some milk from 7eleven and a stick of my cigar while waiting for him...
after a few minutes hero comes two gay guys, they opened the gate and asked what do we need (there's another lady waiting with me) she answered haircut and so she was assisted to go inside the salon... i was confused of who they were so i asked "uhm hi si michelle po?" gay 1 long hair answered : "ay wala na sya eh" and i said "ah ok" and continued to finish my cigarette, i was irritated because gay 1 was murmuring something about like "kung ayaw nya d wag nya noh kala mo naman kung..." those were a few lines i heard... after finishing my smoke i had the courage to ask again "uhm matagal na ho bang wala si michelle" guy 1: oo matagal na mga one monthe na, then he flipped his long hair and looked at me from head to foot and raised his eyebrows and that's it i decided to walk away, i went home pissed of that guy...i could have shouted at him and tell him hey i've been a customer for almost five years now and that's the way you treat me? i will let the owner know of what you did!... but i calmed myself...

michelle doesn't have a cellphone so i don't know how to find him... i'm sad he's the only one i trust with my hair plus he's been a friend to me too... i miss all the giggles when he tells story about his love life and his boyfriend. it's hard to find nowadays a hairdresser who you can trust and be your friend at the same time...

oh well i will still let the owner know of how the new hairdressers treat their customers so they will learn proper customer service...


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