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tiis ganda

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tiis ganda: my good and pretty *naks* team mate kristina "chim-chim" (libreng promotion lol!) has this amazing blush on from cover girl - trucheeks and i fell inlove with it. i just recently bought a blush on but it doesn't really jive with my skin and it so happened that tomorrow i will be attending an event which means i don't have anything to use and i don't want to look pale... ok fine yes i really wanted to have that blush on!!! haha. 

and so the haunting begins, since shangri-la mall was just our neighbor from here in the office i decided and assumed rustan's department store could probably have it... 6pm i started to walk through the mrt station and my golly the rain just stopped but then the path i have to take was a bit flooded, but i was really determined to have that blush so "sugod"

glass door opened "hello ma'am good evening welcome to rustan's" i smiled at the sales person who greeted me, and then i started to walk confidently syempe it was a sosyal sosyalan dept store to the left, to the right, looking as if i am familiar with the place and then i looked some more... i give up and asked a sales person handling me a scented paper for sample perfume:
me: uhm hi covergirl? (with the sosyal sosyalan tone)
sales person: aaaw ma'am we don't have covergirl
me: ah really ok thanks (this time i was thinking either to go out now or stay for awhile hahaha)

i decided to go back... out darn it hahaha i was laughing at myself, while on my way out i pulled out my phone and kunwari was texting someone so to not look at the sales people i passed by earlier hahaha
when i was finally out i called chim and told her  "chim wala naman dito sa rustan's huhuhu" and then she said "aaaw try mo na lang sa megamall" to make the story short i decided to go to megamall walking!

i seldom walk going to megamall i feel dirty after because of all the pollution that i could possibly inhale passing through edsa (this is not kaartehan period) hahaha.
and so hello megamall, good thing is that sm department store is just on the same floor level where the entrance was... hello cosmetics... this time i didn't pretend to know the place (lesson learned - you can always ask) so asked a sales person "hi covergirl?" then she led me there at that spot where the booth was ... oh dear heavens thank you so so much!. to cut it short i went back to the office happy and fulfilled!

tiis ganda: walk walk walk just to get that blush | it was drizzling | i was even holding my jacket and umbrella and a mango shake | to top it all my feet!!! yes my feet when i arrived here in the office yuck dugyot hahahah (picture to be posted) but it was all worth it... i am excited for tomorrow yay! yay yay!


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  1. libreng promotion nga yay!! I heart Cover girl - been using it for years! (commercial model? haha!) Buti na lang mas affordable na MUs nila ngayon. :D

    Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl ♥


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