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Ayosdito.ph... i Like

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i Like

Two years ago i got hooked up to online shopping. Being on the heavy side I would have a hard time looking for plus size pants, shorts, blouses, shirts etc. I  also craved for those gadgets and products that are being sold on a lower prize or second hand models would do for me. I was definitely an online shopper addict, it was fun and exciting then. But there came a time I said to myself I had to stop since I am starting to collect stuffs that I don`t really need and then I started avoiding online shopping websites.

Just recently my hubby watched an episode from a hit travel t.v show which involves having Philippines mountain bike to tour the island, he got excited and felt the urge of having one since he didn`t experience owning a bike during his chilhood and at the same time for him to use as his form of excercise and pedal along our neighborhood.

A few weeks after, we were in the Mall to buy some things and then he saw a mountain bike at the department store, he immediately asked about it but wasn`t sure about the quality and thought it was a bit pricey. On the way home he told me maybe I could check out online stores for Buy and Sell and he is willing to give up his PSP to be able to purchase a good quality of mountain bike.

The next day at the office I asked some friends if they know of any website that offers what I need. I know of some but since it has been a while since I last checked their sites. I think I got a bit confused. Someone suggested ayosdito.ph I was hesitant at first but then when I started searching it felt smooth that a page would open up and boom there goes a lot of choices. We searched through the posts and we had several favorites, we also had to argue on some point, I love how direct to the point the product descriptions were laid out plus the images were clear and was just a quick tick. It's such a breeze to go through the pages and yes of course we easily made a decision on which one to purchase. I also saw this event Mountain Bike Race and dared him to join and  so we'll see. :)

the bike

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  1. nice, i hope you get the best deal for your bike!

  2. good decision ayos na ayos nga

  3. ayos anak ah at least meron na mura pero ok

  4. nice one. Hehe. Paride naman sa bike. :)

  5. imba yan bike panalo

  6. Common law wife: yup it was not just good it was a very good deal :-)

  7. @ted: mom - yeah nice one for jay :)

  8. @ely and obet: go maki ride kayo imba! hahaha

  9. angkas kita nikole, kayo ni erika ta di rin marunong mag bike ng two wheels yon... kakaasi. haha. =)


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