Friday, February 11, 2011

kailangan ma achieve pak!

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i recently read a post on facebook by a friend, she was my batch mate as a  uc student assistant or SA during my college years. Yes I was an SA back in the days as my contribution for our family's financial situation - long story. Anyway the post said that we will be having a reunion this coming summer, I got so excited to see them all and thought this is a very good opportunity for me to give back, both jay and i were SA's before so we thought of this carefully. Actually this has been included in one of my to do's back when i was still in college. being one of them gave me  a very good experience of how life was for others. an eye opener it is but it was all worth it. i said to myself before that one day, i will be giving or sponsoring a christmas party for them but i never had the time to do so.

now my creative juices is overflowing with excitement, to see my batch mates and to meet the younger ones and of course planning, i think hosting and planning go together with my system, but this time i will not host or maybe i'll say yes to being one of the speakers (kung meron) hahaha i told myself "hindi pa naman ako ganun kayaman para maging speaker" then i realized it's not about how rich you are now as the usual stories of "rags to riches" people, but how you talk and inspire others to be the best that they can ever be in their chosen fields.

raffle!!! yes magpapa raffle na lang ako! i'll raid divisoria with simple stuffs mga anik anik and i'll have it raffled off or prizes sa games yes yes here it goes tama! tumpak! that will be my contribution and i am so excited... sana magawa ko sana matuloy  yung plan nila na reunion yehey. finally i can give back and make them smile kahit sa simpelng bagay lang!... will keep you posted 



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