Thursday, April 7, 2011

the girl with the dragon tattoo

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It just so happened that i passed by the post of 2nd Avenue and saw an ongoing contest... "who was the author of the book where the movie was based" i saw same answers from comments but just to be sure i still searched for an answer and yeah i got the same one too and wrote "Stieg Larsson" and then left the page thinking it will be impossible to win since it will be raffled off through "" ... 

Friday came and upon opening my Fb account... woah I saw my name that I was one of the 5 winners of a movie poster, GC from Vice Ink and 2 advance screening tickets for the movie...

Monday I asked anoffice friend B who is familiar with Makati to please go with me to claim my price... and so we were there Solar Entertainment office... my prizes were given to me and there was a Bonus... The book of the movie was added since they said I was the first to claim and those were just limited. Hurrah! Love it!


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