Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magnolia Ice Cream... I Miss...

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Yes it is definitely back! The Ice cream we've been wanting and missing for a long time... Hello Magnolia Ice Cream!

It was a fantastic night... Magnolia Blogger's Party... Executive Dining Room... San Miguel Corporations's Compound.

Party lights check, sound system, food, and the works yeah let's party!

Staretd with a sumptuous dinner buffet with the all time favorite lechon, i personally felt special because of this, imagine we were like VIP's just 50 bloggers and we were served with really good meal
special treat!

So as the party continued we were welcomed by a very good performance of Pilipinas Got Talent finalist - The Velasco Brothers - wonderful number to pump up the event, we were also presented an AVP of how Magnolia will now be back in the scene starting off with their very well missed Magnolia Ice Cream
pinipig crunch with the new sweet corn flavor



sweetie bites
And what would be more exciting than raffling prizes yay! I was not expecting to win anything since I think I am not really lucky on raffles but to my surprise my name was called yahoo! what did i get huh?
A GC for a Magnolia Ice Cream Gold Label 1.5L and so I was drooling but...

Came out we had free samples as our desserts I tasted first the Pinipig Crunch Sweet Corn Flavor and uhm yeah i instantly loved it and went for another one this time my all time fave Pinipig Crunch original - heaven!
free taste

sweet corn flavor

There was also a game and the good thing I didn't join it was an ice cream eating contest brrr I can't do that my teeth is super sensitive hahaha.

Best of all as we ended the party we were surprised that we have a cute lootbag full of Magnolia Ice Cream samples aaaw oh yummyness! My sis Weng and I had a blast!

Thank you Magnolia Ice Cream! Till the next event *wink*

Magnolia Ice Cream Bloggers Event
April 1, 2011


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