Friday, July 1, 2011

c o k e is it! ready... new set... go!!!!

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the collection... so far
*we won* - updated 8/4/2011

here's a bunch of coca-cola stuff that Jay (my fiance`) and i are collecting. A few coke bottles with different coca-cola logos. Coke in cans my hubby seriously collects because he said these cans has something different in each of them: logo, design, the shade of red he really spends time looking into these cans whenever we go to the grocery plus these cans are empty yes they are sealed but empty we created a hole underneath it to be able to remove the content because we thought it might burst on it's own because of pressure issues if not removed. And finally the coca-cola bottles from McDonald's. The first time it hit the stores we had a hard time completing them since of course you still need to buy a meal before you could actually add Php25 and purchase it (budget issues) plus the fact that sometimes all the colors were not available, The second batch that came out we almost gave up because we only had like 2 pcs of it. Then one morning before Jay comes home from work he called me up and told me that McDonald's near our office has a complete set available and people are going crazy so immediately we decided to just go get them... he ended up coming home carrying the complete set of glasses plus 6 sets of hamdesal meal hahaha.

*some glasses lost their boxes (wet) because of typhoon Ondoy

Jay and our collectibles
mug and shirt bought from ukay-ukay

space available for the next batch

Wondering what this is all about????

crossing our fingers to win this =)
The new set of MCDonald's Coca-Cola Glasses is coming in July 2nd and we want them all and if we could get it for FREE it will be a Blast!!! A great addition to our growing Coca-Cola collection.

Read and learn more about this from Az

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