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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0

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Samsung once again shows no sign of stopping ... another Breakthrough in the world of Technology!

Press Release:

As if the latest announcement of the latest smartphone, the Galaxy S II and the newest tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 were not enough to put a twinkle in our eyes, here comes Samsung once again announcing another deliciously desirable gadget, the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0.

This latest edition to the Galaxy line-up, in the “tech-savvy world” is known as a mobile internet device (MID). What, if you may ask, is a MID? The new Galaxy S Wifi 5.0, for lack of a better description, is the beautiful marriage of a touch MP3 player and an AndroidTM tablet. It has the processing power of a Galaxy Tab and the portability and sound clarity of a touch MP3 player. It has access to hundreds of thousands of apps on the AndroidTM Market and have the stunning visual display you would wish on your mp3 player. In other words, it’s the“MINI  TABLET” for the entertainment enthusiast.

Featuring a 5″ LCD screen coupled with the mDNIe (Mobile Digital Natural Image engine), the Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 gives a “cinematic” viewing experience no other device with the same screen size can offer. It is just amazingly clear and vivid.

Plus, with its dual surround speakers and SoundAliveTM technology, sharing your fave beats with friends is simply a blast. You won’t believe that two tiny speakers at the back of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 generate full deep 3D base and clarity of a concert hall experience.

And, to complement the visual display and the sound clarity, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 runs on an ultra fast 1GHz Application Processor whose speeds are similar to its the slightly “bigger brother”, the famous 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab. In addition, this “Mini Tablet” also runs on the AndroidTM 2.2 “Froyo” operating system which basically means access to a sea of applications from games to entertainment, and even “unique and fun” apps    like ghost detectors and mosquito repellants.

“With the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 we’re delivering a rich, immersive experience for multimedia enthusiasts.” said Glenn Glinoga, Business Unit Director Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. “A large, high-quality screen, a world of fun and useful applications and great communications services make this a powerhouse device at an affordable price.”

And yes, the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 has two cameras, one for taking pictures (3mp rear camera) and another for video chatting (1.3mp front view camera). Skype, Qik and other internet voice and video calling apps are all available on this device so internet calling is another plus for this product.

Last but not the least, the version of the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 that will arrive in the country is the 8GB version with an expandable memory card slot of up to 32GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is really just that exciting. It will change the way you enjoy surfing the net, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, discovering new apps, reading a book and so much more. It will revolutionize the way you define “entertainment”.


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