Thursday, September 29, 2011

BDJ Fair: Take Flight

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Hello Bellas;

Save the date now! It's officially on! BDJ Fair yahoo! Let's take the Flight!

Announcement from BDJ Facebook Page

BDJ FAIR: Take Flight (Oct 16 - Sunday) | 2-9pm SAVE THE DATE! =) Venue: Eastwood Open Mall Park =) Check back facebook for more details on how to join the festivities. =) Everyone can attend, but some activities have limited slots =)

Your BDJ 2012 Power Planner is raring to bear witness to another life well-lived. We’ve packed it with new clean yet colorful weekly and monthly layouts to help you with your day-to-day, affirmations and ‘This year will be different’ positivisms from other Bellas, plus useful articles and tips to guide and inspire. Of course, to help you live out the It Girl lifestyle, we have 80 year-round discounts from brand partners via the single-use BDJ coupons or the multiple use BDJ Lifestyle Card (make sure to claim it before April 30, 2012!) 

Live in curiosity, in wanderlust. We featured Bellas living life, amidst the backdrop of their dream fashion destinations. As we go on with our careers, our lives, let’s not forget our ideals. Live life to the fullest; imagine your dreams will become reality, day by day. 
Life can get challenging but know that you can be responsible for your own happiness and that you can create your own wonderland, if you will it so. 

Remember, you are not alone. Get to know other Bellas travelling the same journey through BDJ Circle (online). 

Steer yourself to the direction you’ve been aiming for. NOW is the perfect time! There’s a new slate in front of you and it’s up to you to take on the challenge to color your world the way you want to.
In the end, it’s what makes you happy that always counts. Let go of your fears, let your doubts take the back seat. 

It’s time you soar, you explore. Make 2012 the year for your dreams to take flight!

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