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BIG BOY Hotdog...something new: even better

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I believe I am a smart shopper, when in the supermarket I make sure I only get what we need and I am one loyal consumer, if a product satisfies me for sure it will never be out of my list. Sometimes I don't even care what the price is as long as I know it's worth the quality.

But there comes a time especially on processed foods that you wanted a new taste, and yes I usually stock up frozen products since we work the night shifts and sometimes fried ham, hotdogs and bacon is the way to go for a busy schedule. Our favorite hotdog brand is now becoming too salty for our taste, it's like there's nothing new anymore, no more excitement.

One grocery day, i decided to take more time than the usual to go over the frozen foods section, as i was looking through different brands something caught my eye, it says BIG BOY Hotdog, from afar I thought it was like a promo hotdog for kids since it's name is colorful, so then I got a hold of it and saw that it was made by Robina Farms under Universal Robina which I know is a very good company too. I got so curious and excited to try both classic and cheese and there check out from the supermarket.

I was a bit concerned that my hubby wouldn't want it since it's new but he said ok let's try, it was nice that we didn't have to argue, maybe because he also wanted to try other brands, so he prepared the hotdogs, washed them, the usual slant cuts and I was all ready to cook it. We like our hotdogs a bit toasted on the outside, but I was a bit concerned since we are new to this brand it might get all the juiciness but still i proceeded to having it fried until it turns a bit brown. Okay we were done and all ready for tasting...
Surprisingly the hotdog was deliciously good, it taste so different, it's like it was made with all the ingredients balanced to fit our taste. My hubby and I looked at each other and was happy about the hotdog it was really good we ate a lot.
smells so good!

Big Boy cheese with our soup yummy

The next day was the start of the weekend , it was a Saturday, my Mom visited us, so again for breakfast I prepared BIG BOY Hotdogs, so my mom is a really good critique for food so I was a bit concerned if she'll think the hotdog wasn't good, we don't usually jive on food taste, sometimes what is yummy for me is not for her, so while I was cooking i was wondering if she'll also love the hotdog the way i did.

Breakfast is served and boy BIG BOY did it, my mom loved the hotdogs, yay! for me and she also said that it wasn't salty and was delighted that even though we had it a bit toasted it is still so juciy in the inside, yes she had a lot to eat because of BIG BOY hotdog, i was happy she had a good breakfast on the first day of her vacation weekend with us. But something is really funny i was supposed to take pictures of the hotdog funny thing is because it was really good I forgot to do so and the packaging was already disposed. Luckily I still have the one with cheese and yet to try but for sure this one is still as good as the classic.  Pictures of me and my mom to follow my internet connection is a bit slow due to the typhoon.
Mom excited for Big Boy classic

hello Big Boy breakfast!

So yes if you ask me I will definitely recommend that you to try BIG BOY Hotdog it will be worth your money. =)

Here's a list of their packaging:

One (1) Kilo Packaging:
Big Boy Classic Regular Hotdog
Big Boy Classic Jumbo Hotdog
Big Boy Cheese Regular Hotdog
Big Boy Cheese Jumbo Hotdog

500 grams Packaging
Big Boy Classic Regular Hotdog
Big Boy Classic Jumbo Hotdog
Big Boy Cheese Regular Hotdog
Big Boy Cheese Jumbo Hotdog

230 grams Packaging
Big Boy Classic Regular Hotdog
Big Boy Cheese Regular Hotdog

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