Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Is It! FitFil Fitness Boot Camp

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As my blog says it, I live my life in the plus lane, meaning plus size, don't get me wrong I super duper love it, but sometimes I can't control my eating, and I'm too lazy to go for an exercise. The gym is not really my friend since I get bored easily on same routines that's why i usually look for dance classes since I love to dance but then again it's a bit pricey and I can't just compromise our budget. I don't want to be too thin I just want a healthier me.

And then today I visited this program FitFil Fitness Boot Camp by Coach Jim Saret, what's interesting is that it has a lot of different activities every session, it will be done by 100 participants so surely this will be fun, a hundred participant in one common open ground in Bonifacio High Street gearing towards a certain goal - this is gonna be exciting!

So yeah maybe this is it! I would surely love to join, it's gonna be my first time but for sure this will be memorable, you too my dear readers could join in the fun if you have extra time this summer this is one worthy work out group to try. Let's all move and have fun!

For the complete information on how to join please do visit:

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