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Katy Perry | Part of Me in 3D

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Katy Perry, Part of Me, is a movie portraying the life of Katy as a pop icon, how she started and how she is now after all that she's been through.

I know Katy Perry as... well Katy Perry the girl who sang "I kissed a girl" from years back. Also danced to her "California Girls" and other hit songs. But I was never a solid fan and was not really following her career. Honestly I wasn't aware she have a movie until I was invited to the Philippine Premiere last August 24, 2012, at the Gateway Mall Cineplex 10.

I arrived a little early than the call time because I didn't want to be stuck waiting in line for the MRT, it was a Friday and surely people will be rushing home. Surprisingly it's rush hour but the commute was smooth, when I reached Cineplex 5, people are then lining up holding their tickets, I was still waiting for my blogger friend Ria who was still on her way since she came from work, and yes she was the one who recommended me to her other friend so that I could be included on their invites for such events as this.

Yay! she arrived, got our tickets and was already excited, it took a few more waiting until finally the go signal has been given for us to come in. But before we reached the door, we were given snacks yum! soda, TJ hotdog sandwich, popcorn and cute cotton candy. I thought we are good to go but again a stop for 3D glasses woah! so we'll watch it in 3D! seriously! it got me all giddy! As we came in, one look and there! we had our spot, reserved a few more seats for our other blogger friends who were running late because of the heavy downpour outside and yes traffic it is. Half an hour passed and we were all complete started on our snacks and a representative from Solar welcomed us for the evening movie and roll.

I love the movie and I love Katy Perry this was what I felt and my reaction after the film. I don't wanna elaborate more on the story since I think the movie will speak of itself, of the life of Katy, her ups and downs and what struck me most was her heart ache during and after her divorce with her then husband, How she handled it, how professional she was despite the hurting and emotional torture while on her tour. Gosh I admire this lady, I felt her hurt, how she would move on show after show because she knows her fans came to see her even though deep inside she's cracking up. Indeed "the show must go on". See for yourself the movie is inspiring and let's you in, backstage pass and front row seats in the life and the music of Katy Perry. Get to know her better. The movie runs on August 29, 2012.

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