Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Apprentice Asia

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This show was one heck of a ride, following how they do their tasks and the much awaited boardroom meetings. I actually love the show and admire all the contestants, I wish to have their abilities and knowledge in what they do best. I would really love to be like them, giving their thoughts, raising their concerns and mainly doing those battles on what they believe in. Truly, this show inspired me to do better in the industry I work in.

Knowing that this week will be the best of two I am super happy that we have Jon from the Philippines still on the spot to possibly be chosen as Mr. Fernandez's Apprentice, but let's not forget Andrea, she's a tough lady too, I actually admire her, being at a young age but successful in her chosen field. 

I can't wait for Wednesday, but I still don't want this show to end, but whatever the outcome might be it is indeed a milestone for Jon to represent our country and be "the man". 

Best of luck to Jon and we are proud of you! (Secretly hoping to meet all of them soon)

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