Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil: It's over...

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News courtesy of FashionPulis:

After four and a half years of being together, the high-profile couple decided to end their relationship quietly. Once touted as one of showbiz’s long enduring relationships, Billy and Nikki shocked loved ones as they broke the news to them. 

Billy tried to save the relationship, but Nikki found it best to sever it off for their own good. In the end, it was a mutual decision. 

Earlier in the relationship, Billy and Nikki thought, and everyone believed that they would end up together. They were in fact seriously talking about buying a house of their own and some investments, too. But things happen for a reason, and years after, the separation was the best option for the both of them.

They confirmed though that there was no third party involved in the break-up. When asked to elaborate why, Billy admitted that perhaps, they kind of grew tired with each other and before they knew it, they felt they were already and slowly growing apart. 

Nonetheless, both of them are thankful for the 4 ½ years of beautiful memories.

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