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She's Dating The Gangster | A Beautiful Story

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Amidst the storm warning that came in during the night of this big event, the Red Carpet Premiere of She’s Dating The Gangster #SDTG was still a major success. The mall was full packed of fans waiting to get a glimpse of their favourite Teen King and Queen to arrive. Three Cinemas were prepared for this one epic night, maybe because the book was well known and fans of both the book and KathNiel joined forces to have this occasion a memorable one.

On to the movie, get ready for a very brave Daniel Padilla and a comic Kathryn Bernardo. They were both a revelation in the sense that they portrayed their two-part roles on the film very well. I watched their first movie before “Must Be Love”; they were both natural as teens there, that’s why it was a good movie as well. But SDTG made me love them more. Kathryn can now actually pull off a kikay role, an annoying but loveable pretty young lady who’s just full of good vibes. On the other hand, Daniel Padilla is now becoming a young man as an actor; he can now actually connect to the viewers through his feelings, through his eyes and through his words. Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina said during our blogger’s conference that Daniel has a lot of restrictions than Kathryn, but she was happy that DJ was professional enough to embrace the role and did those parts (If only to spoil, I would love to share those scenes, lol!). 

I haven’t read the book, but I believe the full story is so beautiful that it turned out to be a movie not just for teens but for every one of us who believes in “one great love”.  I had my husband come with me during this premiere night, I just wanted him to experience how it was, and he is not much of a fan of Romantic-Comedy Filipino films. But after the movie he said, he enjoyed the experience and that it was a good and beautiful movie. And may I just add, this is not the usual Star Cinema family movie having one of the characters as poor or as a bread winner carrying all the problems of the family. In short this is very refreshing, light and full of love, maybe Star Cinema should invest more on creating books to life and be able to encourage more people to write good stories.

My Favorites: Go Sexy! Go Sexy! Go Sexy Sexy Love! And #IcantBreathe

She’s Dating The Gangster is Now Showing Nationwide! This is worth your time and money, and your tears too,

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