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Team Gonzaga | The team to beat!

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Ever wondered how crazy Toni and Alex Gonzaga are behind the camera? be ready to find out because they are no the newest online sensation on ABS-CBN Mobile. I am a fan of both in terms of their sense of humor, I find them amusing on how they carry themselves, throw jokes at each other but ends up being sweet and caring at the end of every single day. I believe they are balanced as one, Toni, being the eldest sister is very protective or how Alex would say, over protective but then she's just being a responsible sister, making sure that Alex comes home on time and checking on her and her work ethics. Alex on the other hand gives Toni the challenge to loosen up a bit, the loud sister who knows how to make her "ate" laugh, plus the very charming sense of humor. Together they really make a good team!

I was one of the invited blogger guest who got the treat of watching the first three episodes and I am telling you, it will make your day more positive because of these two "sizzums". give yourself a Saturday treat with Toni and Alex. Join the Gonzaga sisters every Saturday 12nn only on your ABS-CBN Mobile!

Pres Release:
Celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga will make ABS-CBNmobile subscribers smile, laugh, and cry as they launch the first ever reality show on mobile in the country called “Team Gonzaga,” which begins this Saturday (July 19).

Join Toni and Alex as they show their exciting adventures behind the cameras, and watch out for their special interviews as they share stories about their personal lives, family, and their relationship as sisters.

Watch new episodes of “Team Gonzaga” on mobile every Saturday exclusively through the iWant TV application using smartphones equipped with ABS-CBNmobile SIM cards, or through the website by using the registered ABS-CBNmobile number.

“Team Gonzaga” is the newest offering of ABS-CBNmobile following the hit shows on mobile such as “experienceDANIEL in 30 days,” “experienceKATHRYN in 15 days,” "experienceKATHNIEL," and PBB All In.

Don’t miss the first episode of “Team Gonzaga” this Saturday at 12nn. For more updates about “Team Gonzaga,” go, or visit its official social media accounts at and

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