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ARIEL | A Gigantic Experience at the Higantes Festival

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I was one of those lucky people who got invited to witness one great day for ARIEL, a leading detergent powder brand here in the Philippines. What is the event about? Let me tell you what happened on this very adventurous day.

ARIEL launched a campaign in cooperation with the upcoming festivity in Angono, Rizal which is the Higantes Festival, thus the event title,  "ARIEL Higanteng Linis Higanteng Fiesta". ARIEL prepared a sumptuous free lunch for 1,000 people who would register on that day. Upon arrival, I already saw the stage set-up and the super long lines of tables covered with very clean and white table linens, at the entrance area, people were starting to line up for registration despite the scorching heat of the sun and mind you, it was a Pacquiao fight day, so most probably everyone who was there were excited to partake on a free lunch, plus free Ariel shirts, loads of fun, neighbor bonding and the free concert by Rocksteddy that will happen in the afternoon, not bad in exchange for a big fight right? Right!

And then the signal was given by our hosts for the day, DJ Chacha and DJ Papi Charles of MOR 101.9, people started lining up per food station, there were like uhm I didn't get to count all the food stations since the event area was so huge (excuses lol!). Anyway, it was a joy seeing those families, friends and neighbors come together for one big lunch, happy fiesta indeed! But of course with just like any other festivities comes the clean up. Those white table linens that I described earlier were no longer...white. That is a big common problem for most of us whenever we have celebrations anywhere. But, worry no more because that day was saved by the Higanteng Linis by ARIEL. All table linens were collected and was directed to where it seems to me as a large laundry area; basins, large drums and beautiful moms from the Barangay lined up to help and prove that Ariel can really remove tough stains without too much effort and work, so the washing started and it seemed like they were just playing since the stains went off easily, amazing! And oh did I mention that while things were happening, there was also a raffle draw for participants, and they get to go home with gift packs from no less than ARIEL of course, congrats lucky winners, my number wasn't called hmft! (Drama, we were not really included in the raffle lol!)

So the moment arrived, where there was a parade of the washed table linens. Was it magic? Voila! It was white as new! No stains, no marks, no nothing and to top that of, the air smelled so fresh, you know that smell when your mom just finished hanging your newly washed clothes, it actually felt like home. Indeed, Ariel proved that it can remove tough stains in just one wash, I was a witness to this truth! (With conviction, Lol!)

While the sun gets ready to set, comes one of the highlights of that afternoon, may I quote one mom who asked me during lunch time "Miss ano'ng oras yung rak-rakrakan?" (The mother is a rakista! Rock-on!) I wanted to look for her and let her know "Nanay, rak-rakan naaaaa!" The crowd went wild and excited as Teddy the lead vocalist of the band Rocksteddy started to sing, he even sang the theme song for "It's Showtime!" wherein he is one of the co-host of the noontime show, it didn't surprise me that the people with all their energy sang the song too, yeah we were all singing and it was so much fun!

But of course, some good events must come to an end, after the band, it was time to close the event. For the people of Angono, with the look on their faces, I knew they had a wonderful time and will have this memory in their hearts and ARIEL on their grocery list (wink).
And as for me, I was tired, sticky because of sweat and got a bit thinner ( I wish lol!) but it was all worth it, my first time in Angono plus the experience to cover a one of a kind event, and to have a great and happy group, is a bonus. Thank you Ariel, it is indeed a pleasure to witness your Higanteng Linis at the Higantes Festival! Until our next adventure...

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