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Hearts And Bells: Cakes that will ring the bells to your heart

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We were invited for an afternoon of Desserts in a Chinese Restaurant, funny thing I thought that the Resto is hosting the event because they wanted to feature their desserts but I was wrong. When I came inside the function room, I felt the joy of a little girl when I saw the candy buffet, a teenager who can just dig-in to any cake on the other end of the table (there were like 3 cakes waiting), and wanted to be a bride once more upon glancing at their designed layered cake. Mixed emotions plus for those of you who knows me, well I love pink so the set up was almost everything pink... I am in pink heaven.

Drooling now? All of these were prepared by Hearts And Bells, a cake company which started just at home and now has been gaining a lot of customers plus they will soon open their shop infront of Lucky China Town Mall in Manila. What interest me the most was they can do a sketch for your cake, you know when you have those many things and designs goiung through your mind but just can't imagine how it would look like, Hearts And Bells can help you with that. How I wish my I knew them before my wedding, I would definitely avail of their services and our wedding cake would have been personalized for us as a couple (10th wedding anniversary-noted!). Aside from the fabulous cake designs, they now cater to candy buffets, this is good especially when your guests have to wait for a while, they can munch on them. This can also be great for Children's Parties, for sure, the party will be a blast and full of energy (sugar rushing!) Plus kids really loves sweets right?
The Candy Buffet!

The Customized Cake

The Cakes!

Anyway, the moment we've silently been waiting for was the taste test woohoo! Oh before that, I posted on my facebook that I was having this event with Hearts And Bells and immediately one of my friends said that they were her supplier during her wedding and that their red velvet was super yummy. So, going back to the tasting made me more excited because of that comment, too bad there was no red velvet cake, but they had mango, mocha and chocolate. The Mango Cake was perfect in a way that the sweetness and sourness of the mangoes made the cake's flavor play with my taste buds, every bite is different. The Mocha Cake tastes like mocha, of course it should, not like other mocha flavored cakes I tried, gave me like a close call for diabetis lol! And down to the best  moist Chocolate Cake I tried to date, not too sweet and will make you want more, that is how my cake should be.

Now craving to have some cake? Order yours now! Be asured that your cake is created to perfection both on the design and taste. Visit their facebook page for details facebook.com/HeartsAndBells for all your sweet needs!

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