Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Ate and The Baby

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Our Ate Vian, has been our baby for 5 years now, she's been our baby love and has our attention and spoiled her a bit with her favorite stuff. But with the coming of our baby boy, I was positive she'll be a very good Ate. I was not mistaken, at first she was shy to hold the baby but then she loved how we call her Ate that she actually responds more quickly than before whenever I ask her favors especially when it concerns the baby like "Ate  paki-kuha naman po yung lampin ni baby" she stands up immediately and does the task with enthusiasm. She wakes up in a good mood everyday, looking forward to see our baby boy and greets him good morning, she feels she is more responsible in doing her homework just to let baby see her write and finish them and let her know that baby is proud of her and when we tell her to look after the baby, she does it with love even making sure that baby's "duyan" is swinging while baby is sleeping.

Indeed, a bit of maturity possesed our Ate Vian when baby came home  but still we let her know that she will always be our baby girl, we are proud of her and how well she wanted to keep baby happy and helps us whenever we needed an extra little hand. Thank you Ate Vian

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