Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Nanay in Me

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This blog seemed quiet for sometime now, but it was because of a very good reason, I entered another life changing stage called motherhood!

As a first time mom, I was overwhelmed in balancing everything, from feeding to taking care of baby's needs, to taking care of myself and the husband as well. But I realized that I should be calm and time management is still the best solution. I did some observations on baby's sleeping habits, whenever he is hungry, what I can do during his nap time and to not panic whenever I think I can't make him stop crying. Indeed mother and child connection helps a lot.

I am currently at home and learning things as days go by, I also experienced the so called "post partum blues" maybe it was about 2 weeks that I can't understand myself, I cried, I was worried that baby was feeling my slight depression as well. From all the usual daily activities that I did back then, everything came to a halt and the baby was the top priority. I am blessed and thankful that I have my mom to actually look after our little one whenever I need to take some breather and when I'm too tired to get him to sleep. My husband on the other hand was always ready to hug and listen to my qualms and blurts out some laughs on some of my "drama" but I believe I am now ok and got through with it all.

But of course parents would want the best for their babies and as a new mom I am still on the search for products that are good, affordable and safe for our baby. So I am asking for some help from mommies  and dear readers if you can suggest tips and brands that are good for our baby. I am currently using Pampers as his diaper, Pigeon for his feeding bottle and wipes and Enfant. What other babay care products do I need to use and are a must for baby? Please do share on the comment box below. Thanks moms!

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