Thursday, January 21, 2016

Purefoods Corned Beef So Yummy With Veggie

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Purefoods Corned Beef has been part of my grocery list ever since I learned to be independent and do my own lists of brands I trust and love. ( Dati kasi kung ano bet ni Mama yun masusunod lol!) So anyway, as most people would react everytime I tell them my corned beef brand "mahal yun ah", yes it is true, a bit pricey than the rest on the shelves but hey  I am after the quality, you can get mura pero it is either bland, or maalat or super bongga sa food coloring. But of course sometimes nakakasawa din and not good for the health ang processed canned goods lalo na kapag palagi, also the fact na corned beef is usually served for breakfast.

There's this one time that I was too lazy to cook bonggang ulam for lunch, I checked our refrigerator and there was a kalahating part ng cabbage and immediately I was reminded that my mom cooks corned beef with cabbage. So I prepared garlic  onion and sliced the cabbage to a size just enough na kasya sa bibig haha! Here is my ginisang Purefoods Corned Beef with cabbage, you can add salt and pepper to taste especially if you want to add a bit of water para medyo saucy sya. No this is not a sponsored post favorite ko lang talaga ang corned beef na ito. (Pero baka mabasa nila at bigyan ako eh di bonggels! Lol!)

Kain tayo!

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