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Tito Boboy Syjuco: His 15 Million Scholarship Program and More

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Philippine Elections for 2016 is fast approaching, do you have your list ready? This years' election is quite difficult for me since I am having a hard time in choosing who to vote for, but luckily I was invited for an intimate get-to-know kind of night with one of the many presidential aspirants, Mr. Augusto Boboy Syjuco Jr. Also known as Tito Boboy Syjuco ang Paboritong Tito.

With all those political ads running on television making political campaigns look like a popularity game rather than its supposedly purpose of information dissemination, it's sad that most of them tackles the "mahihirap" or the "poor" stating that if they will win they will resolve the problem of poverty. But if we think about it, what is the deeper cause of poverty? If politicians will just continue to give to the poor, aren't they teaching them to just be poor all the time because the government will provide? How about those paying their taxes, the regular employees who doesn't have a choice because their taxes are automatically deducted from their salary? It is but right that they too get good service from our dear government right?

So here is Tito Boboy, as he was talking to us bloggers, I was specifically intrigued by his 15 Million scholars every year for his entire 6 years as the President if he wins. Finally, someone who goes beyond just saying he will help the poor, someone who would actually focus on education and alot proper budget for the younger generations.

In this day and age of social media, the youth is so into it that most of their times are spent into tinkering their gadgets and making the online world their person. It saddens me everytime I read mispelled words or phrases that are so incorrect in terms of grammar, it is indeed disheartening that the youth today seems not to take their education seriously. Whatever happened to our education system? There may be so many reasons on why  students can't finish their studies; financial problems, lack of support are some. But come to think of it if scholarships will be granted to 15 Million students per year that would be a great help in assuring for a child's better future. Tito Boboy also said that aside from this scholarships, he also wanted to reduce taxes, fix the transport system, give deadlines to court cases and more. With all of these good plans that he has for our country if he becomes the next President, I asked him if 6 years was enough to actually make a better Philippines? His anwser was an immediate Yes! He explained that if you do your job well and start to work on your first day and you really have passion to make the country better, in six years, it can be done.

Too bad the Q&A part was a bit short since it was also getting late, but I still got a few interesting questions for him, hopefully we get to have more sessions.

This blog is also open for other Presidential aspirants or other politicians too, I realized how interesting these topics can be and very informative as well.

Till our next chitchat dear readers.

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