Thursday, April 21, 2016

BlueWater Day Spa: 4 Hand Balinese Massage and Newest Endorsers

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BlueWater Day Spa announces their new line up of brand ambassadors and their latest 4 Hand Balinese Massage.

Who wouldn't want pampering? Nowadays, it is one of the most popular way to relax and recharge, with the busy day to day challenge of commuting, working and all in between, know that there should always be life-work balance. BlueWater Day Spa is ready for all your pampering needs; Their newest offering is the 4 Hand Balinese Massage wherein relaxation is their utmost priority, come visit and try this newest massage treatment from BlueWater Day Spa and come out rejuvenated and refreshed ready to once again conquer the world.

Meanwhile, BlueWater Day Spa is also proud to announce their newest brand ambassadors. Present during the launch were the Mercator Models, Benjamin Alves, Mike Tan, Aljur Abrenica, Nikki Gil and Kim Chiu. The ramp was owned by these celebrities as they show off how fresh it is to endorse BlueWater Day Spa. The Mercator models were off course hot as usual, Mike Tan looking good and Benjamin Alves still sexy and gwapito, Benjamin said he is very honored to still be part of the BWDS family. Nikki Gil and Aljur Abrenica both rendered beautiful songs for everyone to feel how relaxing it is to be part of BWDS. And of course the chinita princess herself, Kim Chiu did a song number which lead to an all day LSS of "Mr. Right". Kim is so thankful that she was chosen to represent the company and encourages everyone to try the massage because she loved it hersefl.

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