Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Michael Really Sounds Familiar The After Effect On Me

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Define superb talent... Michael Pangilinan period. It was my first time to witness him sing live, upon entering the stage and he hit the first note, my heart melted. I feel his passion for every song, for every version he gives his all, this is one singer that music album producers should be eyeing on. I was blown away, that was the state of my mind while the concert was ongoing, I can't believe he has that very good voice aside from of course he was good looking. His fans were very supportive that I feel their love for Michael Pangilinan, his concert is an event worth your money, that is why I believe he has a solid following. The concert was just so chill, no dramas, no special effects, no buwis-buhay production numbers, just his voice and everyone was silenced to just listen and endure the love overflowing with every note that comes out of him.

The Michael Pangilinan concert may have been in a small venue like the Music Museum but I guess he deserves an Araneta type of stage. I am looking forward to more of him, of his voice, of his passion and sincerity. Yes I am now officially a Michael Pangilinan fan, and yes If he would have another concert I will make it sure to be there.

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